Greek social media mobile market 2014: Facebook discussions grew 103% since 2011

Athens, Greece, December 16 2014. ExelixisNet Research & Analysis publishes the “Greek social media mobile market 2014″ report.

The mobile operators have started looking at social media seriously, strategizing and investing into corporate profiles since 2011. Their main goal is always to interact with the subscriber but the question that always arises is how successful is that communication and reach? The 2014 report evaluates the competition and each mobile operator separately based on effort and online discussions and other KPIs.

Among the questions this report answers:

  • Is the mobile subscriber in the center of your attention?
  • Are social media networks the best medium to reach your new customer?
  • Do your subscribers listen to your commercial messages, in what frequency?
  • What are your sponsored campaigns results, reach and overall success?

Based on the revenues market share reported in 2013, Wind Hellas share is 20,5%, Vodafone Hellas 27,3% and Cosmote  with 1.336,5 million euros a share of 52,2%. However the competition across Facebook is different, based on subscribers’ interest to the brands. Since 2011 ExelixisNet Resarch & Analysis has developed the right business analysis and intelligence methodology delivering the insight information requested from C-level and marketing executives. Based on ExelixisNet Resarch & Analysis report in collaboration with Monitor, (an online and social media monitoring platform that tracks in real time all news sites posts, blogs, forums and influencers across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) there is an equal shares’ distribution and subscribers’ interest around the 3 market players in both 2011 and 2014.

Social media mobile market


Besides Facebook, the report includes a detailed quantitative analysis other social media channels such as Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, News Sites and forums. Since mobile operators are spending and investing into social media, they need to be aware of the results of their strategy form an independent source as long as the success of each euro they spend.

2014 report’s highlights:

  • Facebook discussion’s volume increase 103% compared to 2011
  • Wind Hellas presented in 2014 the fastest growth rate on Facebook, 121% since 2011
  • Facebook is the #1 platform where online discussions take place in the last 3 years
  • Twitter serves as a customer’s listening and care platform
  • During 2014, mobile operators responded 50% (average among the 3 operators)  of the Twitter requests (mentions)

In our competitive analysis section we include:

  • Sentiment analysis %, positive vs negative
  • Mobile network’s evaluation and ranking based on online discussions and complaints
  • Products and services’ evaluation
  • Corporate campaigns analysis and evaluation based on buzz volume and users’ feedback

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