Intracom Telecom completes its diversified portfolio with a new 80GHz solution

Intracom Telecom completes its diversified portfolio with a new 80GHz solution

ppp Intracom Telecom has expanded its product portfolio joining the list of the E-Band vendors with the introduction of the ULTRALINK-FX80, a compact, small-factor, lightweight radio that operates in the 70-80 GHz frequency band. However, Intracom Telecom with this new offering, it is joining a short list of the key microwave suppliers with a diversified portfolio supporting products within the range of 7 to 80GHz. ULTRALINK-FX80 is definitely a new competitive option specifically for the small cell backhaul market, part of the International manufacturers microwave radio family, but with higher capacity and a lower OPEX. Due to its small factor and the compact form it is ideally suited for urban and small cell deployments.

It comes equipped with multiple ports and multiple antenna options (embedded flat panel or external parabolic). The all-outdoor radio with an embedded flat panel antenna is “invisible” can be mounted easily in the lamppost supporting the next generation of backhaul networks. It is noted that a dedicated Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) transmission mode has been introduced that enables wireless fronthaul as well as last mile applications.

“Clearly Intracom Telecom with this new errorless, zero-touch configuration product offers a microwave toolkit ready to meet all contingencies,” said Elias Aravantinos, Leading Wireless Analyst, for ExelixisNet Market Research. “The ULTRALINK-FX80 operating in the 70-80 GHz spectrum offers operators an opportunity to reach a maximum link capacity of up to 3 Gbps, helping them accelerate street level deployment even in different radio colors and giving them more options to build out fast the most efficient and modern networks .”

ULTRALINK-FX80 allows operators to utilize available spectrum that is usually lightly licensed and available at a lower cost. Equipped with a number of features that increase operational efficiency, reducing cost and interference, , it includes extensive networking capabilities and interfaces compliant with the latest Carrier Ethernet standards. ULTRALINK-FX80 competitive performance is demonstrated by operation up to 256 QAM to achieve throughput of 3 Gbps full duplex in 500 MHz mode. Additionally, ULTRALINK-FX80 features two modes of operation, Ethernet Bridging and CPRI transport mode, leveraging energy savings, eNodeB coordination and interference management in Centralized Radio Access Network (C-RAN) architecture. Although there is no MIMO implemented, the radio can reach and deliver up to 3km links with high availability (99.99%) even in heavy rain conditions (<40mm).

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