Microwave solutions are driving network evolution by 2020

Microwave solutions are driving network evolution by 2020

Telecoms.com periodically invites expert third-party contributors to submit analysis on a key topic affecting the telco industry. In this article Elias Aravantinos, Leading Analyst of ExelixisNet Market Research, explores the current evolution of network technologies and some of the key players involved.

Mobile subscriptions are expected to reach nearly 7 billion by the end of 2015, while mobile broadband subscribers will reach 2.3 billion. As mobile penetration reaches saturation in many regions and grows massively in others, operators across the globe need to face future network and business challenges learning how to adapt in a very dynamic and diverse IT environment.

Market overview

It would be safe to mention that during 2014 the spending on small cell radio access networks was about 5% of the total spending on wireless infrastructure equipment. ExelixisNet Market Research estimates that microwave covers less than 50% of mobile backhaul equipment spending in 2014, anticipating the usual pressures mainly from fiber-based solutions. In 2015, operators will trial cloud RAN, and vendors will offer new fronthaul solutions but with limited deployments. New NLOS and E-Band solutions are forming highly competitive vendors with diversified toolkits ready to meet the current and future challenges.

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