3rd Annual Strategy International Conference 2012

Strategy International organizes an International Conference, the 3rd Annual Strategy International Conference 2012, that will take place in Porto Palace Hotel, 27-28/01 2012. The scope is to raise awareness on the Global Security Challenges and International Strategies.

The conference’s topics explore, analyze, present, negotiate current and future security challenges, strategic trends, development and investment possibilities, at a time of fiscal and social austerity measures. To propose new issues that are of practical consideration at a specific given timeframe. To provide stability, prosperity and development nationwide and internationally.

This is an important and international meeting of experts. It is an opportunity for a joined live on-site consideration, research, examination, and formulation of new proposals from academics, professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs and negotiators. At a time of austerity and an international crisis of many questions and reasons we believe that new challenges are raised. We therefore seek solutions.

The Preliminary program of the Conference is already published, however more bookings will be made on the guest speakers list, finalising the conference program and procedures.

By the end of the event, a report to the conference shall be drawn. It shall be drawn on the future of security through business. It shall be published online soon after the end of the conference, with the contribution of all the speakers.

That conference report as always circulates amongst International Organizations and International Institutes, Think Tanks as well as governments. They do have an important impact. They are estimated with a positive posture.

This conference will also have an academic/professional impact. Strategy International publishes an innovative online Journal (a project that is co-sponsered by NATO) every quarter of the year. Its abbreviation name is SESSTL.

I personally invite you to attend my speech titled, “Technology-Readiness & Innovation in the Field of Business and Security: the Field of Network Centric Communications” on January 28th 2012.

Strategy International invites you to the event and is looking forward to some fruitful discussions and interactions with all of you.

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