Ericsson leads ICT restructuring during H1 2013

Operators need to offer better and higher quality media services, making the vendors not only to provide the proper infrastructure solutions but also guaranteed services . During Mobile World Congress 2013, Ericsson argued that operators can achieve profitable video delivery, while content providers and enterprises will appreciate the guaranteed quality. Well that with an extension could also include the residential IPTV subscribers.

Ericsson is leading the ICT restructuring during H1 2013, with a second move in 2013. First announced partnership with SAP during MWC to bring cloud-based machine-to-machine solutions via operators to huge mobile enterprise market and today the acquiry of Microsoft’s TV solution Mediaroom. Specifically, the Swedish network infrastructure vendor puts extra weight to media services,  acquiring Microsoft’s TV solution Mediaroom for an undisclosed sum.

Checkmate move from Ericsson increasing with that acquisition its global market share over 25 percent without seriously affecting its owm portfolio of IPTV and multi-screen solutions. In figures, the acquisition will provide it with more than 40 additional customers, serving over 11 million subscriber households. The vendor will also acquire the expertise of more than 400 Mediaroom employees worldwide.

The global IPTV market is estimated to reach 76 million subscribers in 2013, according to Ericsson. The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2013, and builds on Ericsson’s work in the TV sector, for which it has won three Emmys.

Any more surprises to come? Well the new future will prove that.

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