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The 4G readiness index Source:













Key findings for markets and players

•USA, Denmark, Australia and Finland are leading the LTE readiness technological index along with successful and profitable deployments’ predictions

•Germany proves to be better in the 4G investment index over Switzerland and Netherlands that are technologically on the same level due to the robust economic status

• The overall investment country’s factor proves to have a direct effect on the 4G investment readiness index; typical cases the USA and Japan

• Innovative services and business models, such as VoLTE which can bring benefits to both operators and subscribers, need to be deployed if operators are to maximize the potential of LTE deployment, maintain ARPU levels and continue to be a smart pipe

• Integrated Tier 1 players and mobile Tier 1 players in different markets are the two types of players for whom LTE deployment has the most advantages.

Quantitative score factors for 4G readiness:
Access to the OECD database, GSACOM, Euromoney, E-readiness report (EIU), operators to collect data for the following categories – Connectivity and Technology, Business Environment, Legal, Consumer and ICT spending.